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Gap Bathroom Remodeling Services

Gap Bathroom Remodeling Services


 If you are on the hunt for ways to upgrade your home, Augustine Home Improvements would love to get you started with a transformative bathroom renovation in Gap, PA. The bathroom is an often underrated part of the home that, when refurbished, can make your living space feel much more luxurious.

Bathrooms are a great way to get a feel for the house and a lot of times, it is one of the first few rooms seen by guests. An elevated bathroom shows that you pay attention to every part of your home and take pride in your space.

Augustine Home Improvements is staffed with experienced professionals dedicated to customer service. We work hard to honor you, your time, and your space. This means working thoroughly, efficiently, and cleaning up after ourselves. Our reviews solidify this statement, with customers commending our professionalism. 

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Bathroom Remodelers in the Gap Area


 Entering your bathroom each morning should feel comfortable and luxurious. Imagine stepping into your brand new shower with the perfect water pressure, then walking out to heated tile floors that keep you warm and cozy as you dry off. Augustine Home Improvements specializes in wonderful luxury bathrooms in Gap, PA.

When working with bathroom remodeling, you must choose reputable servicers that understand the delicate intricacies of proper renovation. Many contractors can make your home look nice, but not all of them can make it to last. Working with plumbing gives way to potential water damage if the job is not done correctly. Our team is extremely experienced and trained in this field. We know how to get the job done without leaving room for water damage down the line. 

At Augustine Home Improvements, we can do just about anything you need for your bathroom upgrade. We offer plumbing, electrical, fixtures, toilets, showers, tubs, and exteriors. We can even install heated tile! Whatever your needs, we can target and operate within your budget.

 We want you to get the most out of your home and an updated bathroom can allow you to experience your home in a brand new way. Our team is dedicated to making your remodeling dreams come true. If you are interested, call today and our team can help figure out what improvements we can make in your home.


Bathroom Remodelers in the Gap Area